Which ornament to buy

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Look out for the ornaments to buy for special occasions!

Gone are the days when we used to buy ornaments from selected shops from a few selected jewelry designs. Such were the instincts earlier, because safety and guarantee was a concern back then. Let it be any occasion, different types of ornaments with varied designs are waiting for you!

With an array of jewelry available now, there are certain points to be kept in mind while buying ornaments to save you from heartaches later. When buying jewelry like gold, diamond and pearl jewelry, the important factor to be kept in mind is the designs which are classic and timeless.  Jewelry should be irrespective of any season and very flexible. Always pay attention to great craftsmanship, weight and finish of the jewelry.


The easiest option to buy when it comes to ornaments is gold. Gold should be bought only after careful checking of the purity in terms of carats and hallmarking. In order to keep your pocket cool and avoid burning out, always research the present gold rate and the making charges. Select the gold according to the weight and rate ratio. Also, ask for a proper bill of your purchases.


While buying diamond jewelry, the cut, carat and impurities should be properly noted. The color of the diamond is also a factor here wherein these colors are labeled from D to Z in descending order. The colored stone should be checked as precious or semi-precious. For this, refer to the certifications of the diamonds.


Uncolored gemstones are easier to evaluate compared to the colored ones. The gemstones can be easily altered and sold fake. Natural or imitation gemstone should be categorized first. Check for any damage that might have taken place in a gemstone. Don’t forget to ask for the certificates and guarantee and warranty of the gemstones.


One of the precious stones and the costlier one, the platinum are also mixed with other metals and hence the purity is a factor. The markings in platinum depends on the amount of platinum is embedded, for example, 900 PLAT means 90% platinum.

The stamping of the ornament needs to be noted with superior quality of craftsmanship.


Pearls are evaluated depending on the shape, size and color. No two pearls will have the same size or shape since they are naturally made. The purer the pearls, the higher the price. Pearls are even cultivated artificially for shorter and longer periods of time. The shorter cultivation leads to delicate pearl wherein the longer cultivation leads to strong pearls.

In the end, there are many factors that need to be tested before buying any ornament. The seller should be a trusted source and proper guarantee and warranty of ornaments should be assessed. The buying of ornament should always be associated with the rate of metal in the market. The amount and purity comes in handy when the ornament suits you.

In short, always carefully assess and evaluate the jewelry before paying for the metals and stones!