Guidelines for Men to Buy Gold Jewelry

This is a reality that not all men are comfortable in jewelry stores for the simple reason that they lack the understanding and also the knack for it. It is a high possibility that the technical language of trade or the pricing would make you feel out of place, no matter for who you buy yourself or your loved one.

Let’s comprehend a few quick tips to understand this better and make the experience of jewelry store a better one;

Know what you want before going: whenever you walk into a jewelry store the thumb rule is to never say that you want something for yourself, your wife, a friend or any loved one. In case you do it will immediately act as a push for the seller to show you the most expensive things. And even while the person attending you are trying to be the most helpful, you still can’t trust someone else’s taste. Chances are it may or may not match the taste of the person you’re buying it for or also you. However, you can have a clearer idea in your head of the basic characteristics even if there are no technical terms in your head. So before you go jewelry shopping there are a few things you should keep in check.

Gold Jewelry exhibition

Make sure you know exactly what color you want: are you looking for silver colored or plain gold jewelry, or are you going to go for jewelry with colorful stones? And if you exactly know which one, it will automatically remove a major chunk of options with unwanted colors. Keep in mind what metal are you looking for, is it a silver or a gold or something else, have clarity. You don’t have to mention the prices to the sales guy upfront. You can always choose to tell them a basic figure less than your spending bar and if they cross the figure you can simply excuse yourself saying that it crosses your spending limit. And they will automatically drive you to something within or of your budget.

Talk to a jeweler you trust: jewelry purchases mostly aren’t done in a hassle. Either it can be done after enough contemplation or it can be done after discussing it with someone of knowledge. If you know any professional jeweler, it could be of a great help to you. In case you don’t you can always around if someone of your known has any such contacts. You’ll be surprised to see how many people can help you in this task. And if you luckily grab a professional, ask them questions related to their expertise, details of the quality, origin of stones, technical doubts etc.

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Know enough to ask the right questions: no matter who you are going to make your purchase from a friendly jeweler or some random unknown jewelry house, you should know exactly what to ask them. This is exactly where mostly all men lose their temper and get intimidated. It’s best to not pretend like you know everything because you don’t. Have your clarity and ask as many questions you want about the jewelry you want to buy. It’ll help you choose the right product the right price.


You can follow these basic rules and go ahead and buy the jewelry of your choice for you or your loved one. There is no need to be an expert but it definitely is necessary to roughly have an idea of what you want. It is the best way to avoid buying what the salesperson is offering you and rather sticking to your budget and choice.

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